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posted May 30, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 RAT Blog! Whether you're looking to audition for  the Auburn University Marching Band at preseason camp, or just stumbled upon this page, we're glad you're here! You may be wondering what the RAT Blog is about- it's not filled with pictures of cute furry animals or information about our favorite Disney mascot. RAT is an acronym that stands for Rookie Auburn Tiger, and it's how we identify our first year members of the AUMB. The RAT Blog is your place to gain information about life in Auburn and the AUMB, and find answers to any questions you may have. Each week your fearless RAT Leaders will post blogs about our typical game day schedule, what to expect at preseason camp, how to get involved at Auburn, and all kinds of other useful information. We'll have guest posts from the Drum Majors, too! This week we wanted to give y'all the chance to learn a little more about us, and so we each came up with five fascinating facts that we're sure you cannot find anywhere else on our lovely friend the internet. Enjoy!

Lydia Allison
1. I don't like eggs and I don't drink milk. Story goes that when my mom took away my bottle when I was little, I refused to drink milk out of any other cup and that still holds true today.
2. My love language is gift giving, not because of the material aspect, but because of the time and thought that goes into giving someone a gift.
3. I've cut my hair off twice for Locks of Love, a company that makes wigs for people with cancer. I hope to do it again once football season is over.
4. I was born on my due date, only about 4% of babies are!
5. Hospitality is my spiritual gift. I'm always down for having people over and hosting get-togethers! Plus I love to cook and feed people.

Jessica Bloom
1. I'm a lefty and very proud of it! Fun fact: Lefthander's Day is on August 13th. Be sure to celebrate with your favorite lefty.
2. Visiting Berlin and Vienna is at the top of my bucket list! I'm even learning German. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?
3. I have the worst luck with cars. I've been stuck on the side of the road quite a few times, but it's resulted in some interesting adventures. For instance, one time I was hit by a sign from the top of a pizza delivery car after it flew off on the interstate.  
4. I've played piano since I was six, and it's my stress reliever now that I'm in college. Some of my favorite piano music to play is from Broadway musicals.
5. I went to Mississippi State University my freshman year before transferring to Auburn. My cowbell is now retired, but it sometimes makes special appearances when Miss State plays Ole Miss.

Adam Lucy
1. I could watch infomercials all day long. For real y'all, the Steam Shark and Magic Bullet are addicting to watch.
2. Legos are one of my favorite things and I shamelessly still build with them.  
3. I'm an Auburn legacy and my dad played on the JV football team at Auburn in 1985 when Bo Jackson and Pat Dye were still on the Plains. War Eagle!!
4. I can speak almost fluent French. Bonjour mes amis!
5. I only sweat on the left side of my body and no doctors can figure out why...I know you all were curious haha.

Drew Williams
1. I haven’t gone a day in Auburn without riding my bike on campus.
2. I’ve never seen Les Miserables, but I’ve played music from it in 3 different performances in 3 different ensembles.
3. I’ve nearly had a heart attack on multiple different occasions at my summer job where I work on a golf course.
4. I once was asked what was “Crackalackin” by a man driving a carriage in Williamsburg, VA.
5. I’ve spent quality time with Pope Francis and 80,000 of my closest friends in St. Peter’s Square.

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