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Get to know your R.A.T.Leaders!

Updated May 27, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 R.A.T. Blog! You may be wondering what is the purpose of this blog? Well, this summer we will be here updating you on all things AUMB related. From what you need to know about preseason camp, traditions at Auburn, or just some fun facts about your leadership team for the upcoming season, the R.A.T. Blog will be your go-to! Every other week one of your fabulous R.A.T. Leaders will be posting to the blog to help keep you excited and looking forward to preseason camp. We know that you all have a lot of questions and concerns about the process, so if you have a specific concern that is not addressed in one of the posts or on the FAQ page, feel free to contact any one of us. We are here to help you through it all! This week we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know us a little better, so here are some fun facts about each of us that you would not find elsewhere!

Do’Nyal Webb

1.     I like doing spontaneous events. That includes, but is not limited to, random trips to Sonic for mozzarella sticks and a route 44 strawberry limeade.
2.     I’m low key obsessed with Apple products and Beyonce. I currently own an apple watch, iPhone 7 plus, Macbook Pro, iPad, and well Beyonce’s Lemonade might be better than Toomers.
3.     I love vinyls, ukulele, and beat boxing. (sometimes together, but no strong preferences)
4.     I used to be a barista, so I also enjoy coffee, teas, and coffee shops that look great in selfies.
5.     I’m a busy bee, but you can catch me at running somwhere around campus (or you can follow me on social media @donyalwebb)!

PJ Spina

1. My second home is Waffle House. If you ever need me, I will be there devouring a chocolate chip waffle, triple hashbrowns double covered and capped, and a cup of orange juice.
2. I am basically nocturnal, except I don’t sleep during the day either. I’m always awake. (and most likely at Waffle House at 3 am.)
3. When I was in the second grade, I kicked off my Presidential Campaign for 2048. Slogan: “Spina is Great for ‘48”. If you would like to donate to my campaign, you can venmo me @PJ-Spina
4. My meatball recipe is one of the most important things to me. It has taken me nearly 3 years to get it almost as good as Grandma’s meatballs. HMU if you want any.
5. My first Auburn football game was the Iron Bowl on November 23, 1996. Honestly, I have lost track of the total number of Auburn Football games I have been too. (Probably gonna be within 50-75 games by the time I graduate.) 

Emma Hale

1. I used to work at Old Navy and I still have my employee discount, which means my closet is 50% Old Navy 50% Auburn gear.
2. One of my favorite places is the Recreation and Wellness Center. I am there almost every day either taking a Group Fitness class, or working as a Facility Attendant. Come hang out with me and work out.
3. My dad is from the UK and I have been traveled there 8 times while growing up. Nothing in the U.S. compares to OG Cadbury chocolate.
4. I have been to Cuba twice on mission trips and the country is very near and dear to my heart. That is why I chose to minor in Spanish.
5. Unlike PJ, I have not been an Auburn fan my entire life. Rather, I wanted to go to Vanderbilt like my parents. However, after my first Auburn game I fell in love and found my new home, so War Eagle to that! 

Trystan Harris

1. My main form of transportation around campus is actually a white moped! I love getting that close feeling driving around the Auburn community especially when passing landmarks like the stadium and Toomers Corner
2. I love nearly every kind of music out there. I can name nearly one or two favorite artists from almost every genre, except country music.
3. I love being energetic and jumping around, that’s why I am also so involved with Auburn University’s Dance Marathon! I love getting to help the community and make a large impact on our miracle kids and help those in need!
4. My mom is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines so the sky is basically my second home.
5. I’m also a registered minister. So if you ever decide to make that giant leap in life, I can help with that!

War Eagle!

The R.A.T. Leaders


Last Updated: 06/20/2017