We would like to welcome you to the Auburn University Marching Band R.A.T. Program’s homepage! For those of you out there who are wondering, “R.A.T.” stands for Rookie Auburn Tiger, and this program is designed specifically for first year marchers in the AUMB.

Making the transition from high school to college life can be a little hectic, even scary, and this program is set up to help make that transition a smooth one. This website is a place for anyone to learn more about the R.A.T. Program and to be introduced to the Student Leaders of the AUMB.

Feel free to browse the Frequently Asked Questions section, and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail any of the R.A.T. Leaders; we’d be happy to help! We will also be posting updates on the R.A.T. Blog page about the different aspects of Auburn Band life; check throughout the summer for new information! We’re thrilled that you’re interested in our band family, and we hope to see you on the Plains soon!

If you want a glimpse of what AUMB is like, here is the highlight video from Preseason Camp 2013 to get you fired up for football season!

War Eagle!
The 2014 R.A.T. Leaders

Adam, Lydia, Jessica, and Drew

2014 R.A.T. Leaders