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Tiger Eyes Auditions 2024 -2025


General Instructions for Joining the AUMB

For information on the general process for becoming a member of the Auburn University Marching Band Tiger Eyes, please visit the Join the AUMB page.

Audition Clinic:

The Tiger Eyes Instructors will hold an Audition Clinic on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at Goodwin Music Building.  This clinic is not mandatory, but attendance is strongly encouraged. The Audition Clinic will be structured so that candidates can participate in one line or multiple lines' portions of the clinic. There is no registration fee required to attend the audition clinic.

2024 Audition Clinic Times

  • Saturday, February 17, 2024
    • Danceline (8:00 a.m.)
    • Flagline (11:30 a.m.)
    • Majorettes (3:00 p.m.)

Audition Eligibility:

All candidates must be accepted to Auburn prior to the audition. If a candidate has not applied, they should do so immediately. Applications can be completed online at Note that candidates' admission to Auburn University will be verified prior to the audition. All candidates should be aware that Mini Camp will be held May 31 - June 2, 2024. All parts of Mini camp and preseason camp (August) are mandatory should a candidate be chosen as part of the 2024-2025 Tiger Eyes. Auburn football's annual spring A-Day game (date set by athletics) is also required in order to have all students fitted for various uniforms they'll need for the season. While there are additional activities such as a short practice and performance of pom routines at A-Day, the fitting is the primary focus of the day.

Audition Details:

View the Candidate Checklist

Auditions for all three lines will be held March 22 and 23, 2024 at Goodwin Music Building on the Auburn University campus. 

Candidates are encouraged to audition for two lines to better their chance of being a part of the Tiger Eyes. Candidates have the option to audition for all three lines and will be asked to rank their first, second, and third choice (if applicable) in case they make more than one line. Candidates do not need to rank their order of preference if only auditioning for one line.

Results will be posted within 24 hours of the actual auditions.

Any questions or concerns about the audition and/or clinic dates, times, or procedures should be directed to Ashley Evans, Tiger Eyes Coordinator.

The 2024 Tiger Eyes Auditions will be held at the following times, which are subject to change based on number of applicants:

  • Friday, March 22
    • Majorettes (4:00 p.m.)
      Check-in opens at 3:00 p.m.
      • Individual Solos
        Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
        Solos begin at 6:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, March 23
    • Danceline (8:00 a.m.)
      Check-in opens at 7:00 a.m.
      • Individual Solos
        Doors open at 10:00 a.m.
        Solos begin at 10:15 a.m.
    • Flagline (1:00 p.m.)
      Check-in opens at 12:00 p.m.
      • Individual Solos
        Doors open at 12:30 p.m.
        Solos begin at 1:00 p.m.

***Individual Solo routines will be open to the public. All other elements of auditions are closed.***

*Auditions will consist of virtual submissions of fundamentals and in-person performances of Travel, Solos and Group Routines. Fundamental videos are due Friday, March 15, 2024. To ensure necessary communication and instructions for video submissions, please complete all necessary application requirements prior to Friday, March 8, 2024. This includes having your character evaluation turned in by your band director. Please be mindful of this when submitting your application and take into account if your director may be on Spring Break. Note that your band director will not receive the request to fill out your character evaluation until your application is received. You will receive instructions for video submission and auditions after all items are submitted and received.

Audition Format:

The auditions will be organized and scored in the following sections:

  • Individual Solo Routines
    • Majorettes: 75 second minimum / 120 second maximum time limit
    • Dance Line: 75 second minimum / 90 second maximum time limit
    • Flag Line: 75 second minimum / 90 second maximum time limit
  • Basic Skills and Travel Technique
    • Demonstrated in small groups (see “Basics and Travel” below)
  • Group Routines
    • Candidates will be taught a brief routine at the audition, which will be performed in small groups. Candidates will be judged on their ability to learn choreography quickly, ability to memorize/retain, overall ability to perform in a group, technique and execution, and overall performance and showmanship.

Individual Routine Guidelines:

Majorette candidates should include at least 45 seconds of one baton twirling, at least 15 seconds of two baton twirling, and at least 15 seconds of three baton twirling. Candidates will have an additional 15 seconds to twirl any number of batons they would like. Candidates are allowed to use more than 3 batons, and are encouraged to do so in the extra 15 seconds. Batons connected to anything (i.e. flags, streamers, hoops, glowsticks, etc. ) are not allowed.

Majorette and Flagline candidates are encouraged to incorporate footwork into their routine while working with their respective equipment.

Flagline individual solos should solely consist of flagwork. At no point should the candidate set their equipment down to perform any choreography without their equipment.

Danceline candidates are encouraged to demonstrate their talent, knowledge of dance, personality, and any special skills or tumbling that could be utilized on the field, and best style of dance while considering the "performance style" of the Tiger Eyes Danceline.

All candidates should remember that there will be no props, flag batons, hoops, streamers, knives, rifles, sabers, or other novelties permitted in this audition. 

Candidates for all three lines should consider that their routine will be judged on difficulty, technique and execution, "crowd appeal," effective interpretation of the music selection, and overall performance and showmanship.

All music used for the individual routine should be considered "family friendly" and should not contain any offensive language, demeaning themes, or contain suggestive lyrics.

*** Music due FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2024 by 4:30 PM ***

Music file: Start and stopped at EXACT time. Email to Ross Tolbert with your name and auditioning line (majorette, danceline, flagline).

Basics and Travel:

Basic technique and travel fundamentals will be demonstrated in brief combinations consisting of the elements listed below. Candidates will be judged on overall skill proficiency, execution, and body placement/control. To view a video of each combination, click on the combination you want to see. The combinations will also be reviewed at the Audition Clinic (see "Audition Clinic" above).

*Note: Some met speeds, counts, and fundamentals have changed from previous years. Updated videos with new changes have now been uploaded and linked below. Command sheets are also provided for your convenience below. We advise you to take another look at these videos even if you had watched them previously.

You can view the audition command sheets below. For the in-person portion of auditions, these commands will be called out for you. For the virtual submission portion of auditions (line-specific fundamentals), you will need to have someone running a met at the appropriate tempo and calling the commands out for you while videoing.


Audition attire for all three lines is as follows: black leotards (style optional), flesh-colored tights, and jazz shoes or dance sneakers. No boots or character shoes may be worn. “Hot shorts,” not Soffe shorts or any other athletic shorts, may be worn during the individual routine portion of the auditions only. They may not be worn at any other time before or after the individual routine performance.

Hair, make-up, and accessories should be worn as the candidate feels is most appropriate for a performance with the Tiger Eyes.

For the Audition Clinic, candidates should wear appropriate, comfortable clothing and suitable footwear (e.g. jazz shoes, dance sneakers, tennis shoes).


Majorette and Flag Line candidates should bring their own batons or flag poles.

Audition Application:

Tiger Eyes Audition Application (The application period is now closed)

In order to participate in the 2024 auditions, candidates must complete the application above, as well as submit a $30 application fee using the link below

When uploading the acceptance letter on the candidate application, candidates must upload their official acceptance letter received in the mail that is on Auburn University letterhead. A screenshot of the congratulations email will not be accepted.

Pay Application Fee


Ashley EvansTiger Eyes Coordinator
telephone: (256) 452-9213

Last Updated: 03/19/2024