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High School Honor Band Audition Video Instructions

Please follow these instruction carefully so that you can submit your best performance! To record your video, you will need to play all your audition materials in one continuous video just like you would in a live audition. You must always be in the video frame, and please make sure to play all of the audition material!

Percussion players: please make sure we can see your hands clearly in the video.

Please do not edit the video in any way (splicing, adding audio effects, etc). Once you have recorded your audition, please watch your recording before submitting.

Please keep the following in mind when recording:

  • Distance to your device's microphone can affect sound quality. A five (5) foot distance from the microphone is recommended.
  • You must be included in the frame of the video. No audio-only submissions will be allowed.
  • Multiple file types will be accepted, but please make sure to review the video before submitting. If your video does not work for you, it will not work for us!
  • Please name your videos with "LastName, FirstName," such as "The Tiger, Aubie."

Once you have selected your best video, use the link for your instrument below to upload your recording. Please double check that you are uploading the correct video and that the title of the page you are uploading to says your instrument before submitting!

Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
Bari Saxophone
String Bass

Last Updated: 04/07/2022