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R.A.T. Program

Greetings and War Eagle from the Auburn University Marching Band Freshman Advisors, or as we call ourselves, the R.A.T. Leaders! We are beyond excited to introduce you to the program. The acronym R.A.T. stands for Rookie Auburn Tiger, and includes anyone intending to participate in the AUMB during their first year within the band. All freshmen at Auburn University used to be called R.A.T.s—stories say that when freshmen rode into town on the train each year, they scattered as soon as they got off which made the locals liken them to “rats” scattering. While the university stopped using this term, the marching band happily carries on this tradition. 

Making the transition from high school to college can be a challenge, both on and off the band field. Our hope is that the R.A.T. program will help ease your transition and make you feel welcomed as the newest members of the Auburn family. It is our priority that your first experiences at Auburn are some of the best of your college career. Feel free to check out the FAQ Page about the AUMB and Preseason Camp, and if you still have any questions about the band or Auburn, please don’t hesitate to contact any of us! We are absolutely ecstatic about your interest in joining the AUMB Family, and we are so thrilled to have you on the Plains. 

Keep up with the Preseason Camp page for updates and everything you need to know about the beginning of the season! Want to know more about our Drum Majors, Section Leaders, and R.A.T. Leaders? Browse our AUMB Student Leaders page. Also, for more information about all things R.A.T. and AUMB, follow our Instagram page.

War Eagle and Strike Up The Band! 

The 2024 R.A.T. Leaders 

Ace Arballo, Steven Snow, Lydia Owen, and Colton Redmond

2024 RAT Leaders

Last Updated: 03/14/2024